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The handy guide to contact numbers

The contact numbers we point to aren’t affiliated with our website, but we have tested these numbers and they call the right numbers as stated.

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Cost of calls

Calls to 0800 or 0500 numbers are generally for nothing out of pocket from a UK BT landline and cell phones. Calls from different suppliers may fluctuate, and could cost up to 40p every moment.

Phone Calls to 0345 numbers are an indistinguishable expenses from a call to a standard ’01’ or ’02’ landline number, notwithstanding when calling from a versatile.

Calls to a 0345 number are additionally incorporated into any packaged minutes or free talk time that spreads landline calls. Where calls are made outside of a package you will be charged at neighborhood rate to ring a 0345 number.

The real cost you are charged will rely upon your telephone supplier. On the off chance that you are concerned, please get in touch with them to get data about the cost of the call.

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